New Year Awards

Source:  Bullseye       Release time:2023-01-14

The years are like songs, the splendor is like a dream, and the time flies. The harvest gongs and drums awaken the new era, and the blooming plum blossoms express the information of spring. We spent the year of 2022 together and entered the year of 2023 full of expectations. In this day of carrying forward the past and opening up the future, we gather together to recall yesterday and look forward to the future. Human beings are great because of their dreams, life is wonderful because of their hard work, and enterprises are successful because of their teams. They are determined to forge ahead and work hard to improve the project technology and improve the efficiency of enterprises. The more projects, the tighter the delivery date, the more energetic they will be; They are the cutting edge class of the enterprise. They are the seventh steel company. They don't know what is hard or tired. They always stand at the forefront of the company with a full spirit, and have successfully completed all tasks and indicators, and have made great achievements. Awards are the glory they deserve.















Let us once again thank these people who have brought us moving and surprise. It is you who have made us energetic and confident; Your personality and spirit nourish our hearts and light up our way forward. We are extremely grateful to every colleague. You have bravely shouldered great responsibilities and made great contributions to the development of Bullseye. Let's jointly wish the future of Bullseye more beautiful! Finally, I wish you a happy new year! Everything goes well!