Warmly congratulate the signing ceremony of the new third board listing of Bullseye Intelligent

Source:  Bullseye       Release time:2022-11-28

With the continuous innovation and reform of the social economy, the state has issued many policies that are conducive to the development of social enterprises. These favorable policies also provide favorable conditions for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the market economy. In order to stimulate the development of the capital market, effectively activate the economic vitality, help small and medium-sized enterprises expand their financing channels, and achieve the improvement of their own influence, so as to accelerate the flow of market funds and stabilize the sustainable development of enterprises. The New Third Board is now the largest equity trading place for listed companies in China, which has brought great help to many small and medium-sized enterprises. The new third board has a huge impact on the future development of small and medium-sized listed enterprises. The enterprises listed on the New Third Board can quickly and effectively improve the popularity of their own enterprises, which also accelerates the development of enterprises from the side.


As a national high-tech enterprise integrating product R&D, manufacturing, sales, planning, design, implementation and after-sales service, Bullseye Intelligent has more than 100 R&D talents, providing customers with one-stop intelligent warehousing and logistics automation services. Always customer-centered, through years of unremitting efforts, we have successfully opened up markets in China, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Europe and other regions, bringing new breakthroughs to the high-density intelligent storage robot market.


Now the company stands out among many small and medium-sized enterprises by virtue of its strong competitiveness. The signing ceremony for the listing of the New Third Board was successfully held. Congratulations on the official entry of Bulleye Intelligence into the capital market! Well-known accounting firms, law firms and securities firms have been strongly settled. The new third board is a verification of the strength of an enterprise, and also a new start. Bullseye people will use excellent technology and innovative spirit to create a new wind vane for the intelligent library industry. Lead enterprises to develop to a higher platform and create greater value for the society.