Bullseye Performance Mobilization

Source:  Bullseye       Release time:2022-10-25

In order to clearly and reasonably evaluate the work results of employees, fully mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity, and achieve the goal of continuous improvement, the company organized a performance appraisal mobilization meeting. Performance appraisal is an important part of the company's talent management. As we all know, employees are the source of enterprise life. Any activity of an enterprise is centered on two aspects: operation and management. The purpose of management is how to better serve customers, while the purpose of management is how to better serve employees. As the benchmark of modern enterprise management, whether the performance appraisal work is carried out smoothly and the actual effect is good or bad is an important reflection of the level of modern enterprise management.

Performance appraisal is an important basis for the company's staff training, promotion, post adjustment, salary and bonus adjustment. Through assessment, employees can make clear their development goals and adjust their career plans.

Performance appraisal makes all employees feel that they have something to do at the right time and have goals for everything. System assessment is a systematic project, involving the company's strategic objectives, annual operation and production objectives, and the work indicators of decomposing these objectives to all departments of the company and then to employees. Performance appraisal is to check the completion of these indicators and reflect the work results of each employee.

Performance appraisal is also an important embodiment of building a harmonious corporate culture. Fair and impartial performance appraisal, clear objectives, unity of effort and cohesion are the key elements of a harmonious corporate culture. The long-term promotion and continuous improvement of performance appraisal will be conducive to building a harmonious corporate culture.

Therefore, as an important part of the company's management, performance appraisal plays an important role in improving the company's talent management level and staff's work level. The company has put forward a fair, flexible and generous performance appraisal method, with the purpose of: on the one hand, it can improve the subjective initiative of employees and ensure the smooth implementation of the company's annual plan; On the other hand, it is to enhance employees' sense of corporate identity and ownership, and the common improvement and development of employees and enterprises. In the face of new challenges, gather the wisdom of all employees, start from reality, sum up experience and create a own way. Starting from the overall strategy of the company, we should clarify the business objectives, find the market positioning, and take a market-oriented road, with the customer's business standards as the goal, and the Bullseye Smart feature as the content. Let's join hands and work together to create a bright future of Bullseye Intelligence.