A good start depends on persistence!

Source:  Bullseye       Release time:2022-10-19

On the occasion of the national celebration of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, the systematic learning and training work of Bullseye intelligent backbone personnel has been carried out for an assessment period. As a weekly morning meeting to promote the assessment work, Bullseye people earnestly study and strictly implement with a positive, active and enthusiastic working attitude.


The spirit of the weekly meeting reminds us that the Bullseye people should continue to deepen their learning and improve themselves. Learning is the most valuable wealth that human beings can obtain and the cornerstone for the future. "Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles" can accumulate more knowledge and stronger energy in the process of constantly absorbing spiritual nutrition. Ten years, one sword, thick accumulation and thin hair, and realize the maximum value of life in contributing to society!


At the weekly meeting, we should always emphasize bold innovation, be good at summarizing work, find out existing problems and deficiencies in time, and constantly put forward new methods and ideas. Through the regular development and learning of the weekly meeting, Bullseye people will use more professional technology to better provide a complete set of intelligent warehouse solutions for high-quality enterprises, and lead the development trend of intelligent three-dimensional warehouse.


There will be results if there is assessment. In the catch-up learning atmosphere, the participating partners can take team cooperation as the focus to develop team spirit and strive for the honor of the team!


In order to stimulate the vigorous working spirit of the Bullseye team, the company specially rewards and affirms the departments with excellent performance. In the next work, we will continue to maintain and create new achievements and make greater contributions to the cause of intelligent warehousing!