Work together for innovation and win-win cooperation

Source:  Bullseye       Release time:2022-08-29

In order to better serve the Asia-Pacific region, improve the delivery efficiency and ensure the rapid response of after-sales service, as well as improve the incremental and intelligent development of intensive intelligent storage in the Asia-Pacific region, today Kilinchn, General Manager of Bullseye Intelligence, and Jone, General Manager of MODU, a local Chinese intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprise in Malaysia, signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement in Malaysia! The senior executives of both companies attach great importance to the overall development situation in the later stage, and take the market as the orientation. Both sides will closely focus on customer demand as the first, solve enterprise pain points as the core, and serve more enterprises to build an intelligent storage platform for enterprises. MODU will also implement and deliver overseas for Bulleye Intelligence& After-sales service and business development provide strong guarantee.



The signing of this strategic agreement will represent the cooperation between the two sides to a higher level, stand on a higher stage and draw up the future development direction with a long-term perspective, and the broad market prospects will witness the growth and expansion of both companies.



We use strategic cooperation to help both sides improve and develop their soft power and hard environment. We look forward to continuous optimization of cooperation between both sides in the future and jointly develop a new pattern of Malaysia's intensive intelligent storage! Originating from trust, loyalty and win-win! The strong and powerful unite to create brilliance! The most beautiful is the process, the best is the result! Symbiosis, integration and win-win!