Pledge Mobilization Conference for Business Management Reform

Source:  Bullseye       Release time:2022-08-09

Since the bugle call for enterprise management reform was sounded, the company's employees, under the support and command of Mr. Chen, have launched a mobilization conference for management reform vows to fight a tough battle in the next six months!



Only by learning from the most advanced business management concepts in the contemporary era, "improving management, cultivating teams", and establishing an internal talent team familiar with modern management, can we ensure the success of our enterprise reform and seize the opportunity in the market and internal management, and thus have the strength to compete with powerful enterprises in the industry.

In order to thoroughly solve the current problems in the Bullseye Intelligent management, we specially hired experts and teachers from Chengdu Mindao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to help us implement the management reform. You should understand that our goal is to use the unique enterprise control method of Mindao to "diagnose the pulse" of the enterprise, find out various obstacles hindering the rapid development of the enterprise, put forward targeted rectification plans, and then use scientific management concepts and methods with all the Bullseye Intelligent people to solve both the root cause and the root cause, and really solve various problems existing in the current enterprise, and jointly create a scientific management, rapid development It has a strong competitiveness in the intelligent logistics industry, which is the real expectation of Bullseye Intelligent people!


After a period of research, Mr. Min Dao put forward very pertinent views and solutions to our current management situation. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the change of the intelligent management of the company, the company has established the leading group of the intelligent management, and appointed the members of the leading group of the management change and established an audit team to help all departments and colleagues of the company make progress and grow together.


This management change is of great significance to the development of the company. I hope you can understand and understand the importance of this change, actively cooperate, offer suggestions, fully communicate with Mr. Min Dao, actively provide assistance and cooperation, and develop a scientific and effective enterprise management change plan for the company that conforms to the company's reality. Further improve the company's strategic management level, strengthen the company's core competitive advantages, and promote the company's internal management to a new level.